Hello. I would be appreciated if somebody evaluate my task 2 writing

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Hello. I would be appreciated if somebody evaluate my task 2 writing
meysam asked 2 weeks ago

Food production method is a significant issue in these days luxury world. Nowadays, some people prefer to have food which is prepared brilliantly, although plenty of people just care about serving food with reasonable price. Health professionals approved that food production has a great effect on its quality and therefore people should pay attention to this fact.      
One of the aspect of people’s health depends on food that they serve. Healthier food lead to superior body response and also improve brain activity. The material that the food is produced from is a significant aspect of food production since it affects food features mostly. It is regretful that people largely ignore this fact and negative consequences of having unsafe food.
It’s no exaggeration to say that food cost is the primary concern of vast range of people for getting something to eat. In addition, a tiny number of people are so affluent that the money that they spend on food is not a matter of concern for them. Thus, food producers sacrifice the quality versus lower price. In other word, enormous proportion of food production aren’t highly nutritious meal. It is vital that government interfere in and improve the quality of foods.
In conclusion, health of people is mostly affected by food quality, however plenty of people care about low price of food as the main concern of food selection. Nutritionists believe that having a decent food schedule can avoid a large amount of disease. People should balance food quality and its cost to have healthier life.

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