Hello everyone. My exam is on December 10th. can you please score my task 2 writing and give me advice.

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Hello everyone. My exam is on December 10th. can you please score my task 2 writing and give me advice.
Aditya Kulkarni asked 4 years ago

Writing Task 2
It is not very important to establish good relationships with colleagues (or other students), as the primary goal of every person is to focus on work (or study).
To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Nowadays people like to be professional with their colleagues or classmates. The behind this is to achieve success in the respective area with proper focus. But in my opinion, establishing good relationships can be a boon rather than a bane. This essay will discuss the advantages of the same.
Colleagues play essential role in one’s life, be it at school or at workplace. Good understanding developed between classmates can often result in friendship. Friends help each other in most possible situations. A employee having good friendship with another employee will always help each other in difficult situations. This friendship can be useful in personal lives also. Moreover, a group of friends can often go for an outing, hiking, amusement parks etc. This often results in strong bonding.It is seen very often that colleagues become best friends or even life partners. Finding solutions to one’s problems often requires sharing secrets. Secrets cannot be shared unless there‚Äôs good bonding.
Some people argue that primary goal is to climb career ladder.However to climb career ladder, relations with seniors play a big part. Friendly relations will always help. Employer who are silent are often deemed as egoistic or rude. It would further deteriorate the chances of appraisals. Forming good relations with senior and colleagues will help during bad times such as illness or taking a day off.
To sum up, I don’t agree that it is not very important to establish relations with colleagues. In my opinion, friendships can give us a sense of unity. Also there’s a famous English proverb ‘A friend indeed is a friend in deed ‘.

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