Hello everybody! Could you please assess my task_1? Thank you!

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 1Hello everybody! Could you please assess my task_1? Thank you!
livermore asked 4 years ago

The given line graph provides data on garments expert in three countries: Colombia, Japan, Myanmar between 1999 and 2003.
The line graph clearly elicited that in first year Japan and Colombia clothing rates sood at approximately $ 580.000 and nearly $ 480.000 accordingly while Myanmar expert figures began at 0. Afterwards Japan export trend almost did not change until 2001 when export rates rose mildly to reach exactly $ 600.000. However upward trend did not stay there very long. Namely, it declined gradually over the 3 years to $ 500.000. Colombia figures climbed slowly for 4 years. Unlike Japan the peak lavel of Colombia in 2002 which $ 700.000. Nevertheless, upward tendency fell moderately to $ 600.000 which is similar to Japan highest result. By comparison, Myanmar export rates adruptly boomed exactly eightfold in 2000 and ceiling trend uplifted markedly to about $ 950.000 which is the highest result among the 3 countries over the period shown in the line graph. Although clothing export of Myanmar fluctuated dramatically to $ 350.000. Between 2002 and 2003 downward tendency upsurged tediously to $ 420.000.
Overall, Colombia and Japan trend were almost remained constant were as Myanmar export figures dominated above the own counterpartsĀ  until 2001, then it broken.

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