Hello! Could you please assess my task_1? Thank you!

QuestionsCategory: TablesHello! Could you please assess my task_1? Thank you!
livermore asked 4 years ago

The provided table gives information about the sales made by a coffee shop in office building at different times of day.
It can be observed that from 7:30 until 10:30 majority of staffs take coffee and pastries (about 265 and 275 respectively) while amount of tea stead at 110  were as that of sandwiches numbers is  about half lower than tea. Although, after previous period, all rates adruptly varies to opposite. Namely, fast food sales prospare between at 11:00 and 2:30. Big part of employees eat 200 sandwiches while quantity of tea decrease to half. The coffee and pastries numbers fluctuate substantially. The former double than the latter. After lunch time, junk food`s upward trend suddenly break and it fall dramatically to 40. Both drink`s amount drop progressively to 145 and 35 accordingly while number of pastries uplift significantly to 150. At the end of the work day, most office workers drink 200 coffee. By comparison, amount of tea climb moderately to 75 were as sandwiches downword tandency upsurge enormously to 110. However quantity of pastries decline slightly to 80.
Overall, coffee and pastries numbers were high in the morning while sandwiches sales rose in mid day.

livermore replied 4 years ago

please check it..

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