Good afternoon! It is my first time here and I want to see what level my essay is so far! I appreciate if you can help me!

QuestionsGood afternoon! It is my first time here and I want to see what level my essay is so far! I appreciate if you can help me!
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spinoui12 answered 3 years ago

It is better for college students to live far away from home than to live at home with their parents. Do you agree or disagree?

One of the highly controversial issue today relates to whether college students are better to live away from home or to continue staying in with their family. Children from a young age should learn their way out of home, so as when they become adults they will be well-prepared to have their own family. Having said that, I wholeheartedly agree that young adults should be encouraged to leave home to study somewhere far away.
Having young adults liberated from home and family gives them the opportunity to grow old. The main reason for believing this is because they then start to take responsibilities and decisions for their own life. One good illustration of this is that usually college students, manage to schedule their program well enough to allow to themselves some time to study, to clean and tidy their room, to hang out with friends and even start a part-time job to relieve their families from further expenses.
On the other hand, many colleges have busy programs and the students are up to their eyeballs in assignments and lectures. As a result, the young adults are not able to get a job thus, the family is distressed financially especially if it is not a wealthy one. Furthermore, many of the psychological disorders come to the surface when a person is young and makes major changes in their life such as moving out from home. In other words, being away from home is the main reason that the rate of suicides and suicide attempts in college students is higher than any other age group.
To conclude, both arguments have their merits. However, I tend to believe that young adults need to learn and adapt to new environments in order to be able later in their life to support themselves and even their future family.

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