General Writing Task 2: Could anyone please suggest on this essay writing?

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2General Writing Task 2: Could anyone please suggest on this essay writing?
nms asked 4 years ago

 Some people believe that unpaid community work should be a compulsory part of high school programmes (for example for a charity improving the neighborhood or teaching sports to younger children)
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
By nature, human wants reward for his work and specially if it is for someone else. This essay looks into the elaboration of making a mandatory mechanism to learn the opposite of the nature because that is about humanity that no other species in this world have it like human.
Human learns the base teachings of life during his early age like in high school. It is one perfect stage of life for him when teachings get permanent in heart and soul easily. Besides learning anything, it is of utmost priority to study about human qualities. But this study needs practically doing it. When a student is engaged in performing social voluntary works like charity types of things, he cultivates the practice of becoming a better and sociable person. Humanity is the essence of life and this is why great people like prophet Mohammad, Muhammad Ali, Jawaherlal Neheru are remembered because of their good deeds for others and for free for the whole life. They dedicated entire time of their worldly stay for others. And this is why the world is so beautiful and nice to live.
Without humanity and its practice any child will be comparable to an animal-cub that nobody wants. A human with his best qualities is wanted by all and by God as well.
Thus, we easily conclude that for the tough busy life in this 21st century our children need to be forced to go out of comfort zone to learn community work for free to sharpen their human quality to make the world more livable and filled with harmony and love. I totally agree with this notion of the topic in this essay.

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