discuss whether having english as international language has more advantages or disadvantages.

Questionsdiscuss whether having english as international language has more advantages or disadvantages.
karanchaudhari asked 2 years ago

It is irrefutable that English is becoming global language as half of the world population use it.There are more advantages than disadvantages of use it as universal language. So in this essay,I will show more advantages and least disadvantages of it.
To start with,There are many benefits of extending a universal language.The first and foremost is,English is increasing social perspective with understanding communication all over the world.To support it,English language allows people to enter a wide cultural world which help in developing healthy relationships among than so they can make better social relations.The second advantage is,The wide spread use of English language narrowing the gap among people in communication and people all over the world have accepted English as a language use in communication.The third benefit is,English language increasing the economic growth of any country. To explain it,through international language,any particular nation can develop their business relations therefore they can do easily and speedy business all over the world.
On the other hand,as every positivity carries some sorts of negativity. There are some demerits also.one major drawback is,in today’s era people speak English instead of their own language. As a result, they are forgetting their mathertounge and own culture. So their children also like to go on way of their parents.
To conclude, although there are some non-negligible negative impacts of making English as global language on people and socities. But still festivity it beholds in it far outweigh the ill-effects.

discuss whether having english as international language has more advantages or disadvantages.
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Rachel Evans answered 2 years ago

Discuss whether having English as international language has more advantages or disadvantages.
It is irrefutable that English is becoming global language as half of the world’s population uses it. There are more advantages than disadvantages of use it as universal language. So in this essay, I will show more advantages and lease disadvantages of it.
To start with, there are many benefits of extending a universal language. The first and foremost is, English is increasing social perspective with understanding communication all over the world. To support it, English language allows people to enter a wide cultural world which help in developing healthy relationships among than so they can make better social relations. The second advantage is, the wide spread use of English language narrowing the gap among people in communication and people all over the world have accepted English as a language used in communication. The third benefit is, English increasing the economic growth of any country. To explain it, through international language, any particular nation can develop their business relations before they can do easily and speedy business all over the world.
On the one hand, as every positivity carries some sorts of negativity. There are some demerits also. One major drawback is, in today’s era people speak English instead of their own language. As a result, they are forgetting their mother tongue and own culture. So their children also like to go on way of their parents.
T0 conclude, although there are some non negligible negative impacts of making English as global language as global language on people and socities. But still festivity it beholds in it far outweighs the ill-effects.
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discuss whether having english as international language has more advantages or disadvantages.
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