Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsDiscuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
Jian asked 1 year ago

Homebased jobs boomed nowadays that everyone grabs every opportunity to work at the convenience of their own homes. Working at home is much way better than going out for work because it doesn’t consume much time, effort and money.
Online job is an example of homebased work wherein anybody can work at the comfort of their homes. These kinds of jobs doesn’t require proper uniforms,ID’s or good shoes. Instead, you can use whatever casual clothes you desire or you’re most comfortable with. Also, you can work at your most convenient time giving you time to do housechores during your breaks. Regarding money, a person working at home can save lots of money because he/she need not to buy snacks or lunch. He/she also need not pay fare or consume any single cent for gasoline.¬†
Nowadays, statistics shows that more people are doing homebased jobs rather than applying in offices or companies. In reality, salaries of people working at home are even much higher than office or company workers. People working in offices or companies needs to pay their taxes and  they need to spend money for their daily expenses. When it comes to benefits such as bonuses, homebased workers can still earn the same amount though you cannot call them bonuses.
Still, many do prefer to work at the comfort of their homes at their own convenient time and using their own skill or technique without dealing with the daily expenses and work environment problems.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
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