discuss both views. economic progress. Please check it for me, Thanks a lot

QuestionsCategory: Dicussiondiscuss both views. economic progress. Please check it for me, Thanks a lot
Emily asked 10 months ago

Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country.
The view that economy must be received most care from government as it is the nation key target is gaining more popular, while some people argue that any other aspects beside economy also have to be donated equally. This essay will analyze as well as discussing about two views above.
Obviously, economy is a major factor that strongly influences on the development of the country. In other words, it shows its impacts on other aspects of life such as people’s living standard, education, sport, entertainment, business, etc… This essay entirely agrees that government ought to spend most care for economic development because a strong economy is a steady foundation that can optimize other benefits. There are great deals of evidence that, the powerful economy countries seem to be advanced in sport, education and life quality namely American, Singapore as well as Germany.
However, others assert that, in order to develop country, other categories of progress and national economy should be received balanced treats. That is to say, education, entertainment or sport must be given the same donates and optimal conditions to advance as economy. This essay, nevertheless, partially disagrees with this point of view.This because, other progresses should be facilitated instead of being underestimated as well, however, it seems illogical when entertainment and sport received the same investment with national economy.
To conclude, this essay argues that government must give every factors an appropriating care as well as optimums for improving the country, however, economy is certainly the crucial goal.

discuss both views. economic progress. Please check it for me, Thanks a lot
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