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Antonia asked 1 year ago

Topic: Children should always follow their parents’ advice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Answer: It is sometimes argued that parents’ advice should always be followed by young generation. Personally, I think that following parents’ advice not only brings certain benefits but it also causes some drawbacks.

On the one hand, keeping to parents’ advice usually helps children in some ways. Firstly, children under 18 years old enough to decide which the right way is to follow. For example, when they are at the age of going to school, they can not easily find out where they should attend and it is important to take notice of parents’ advice. Their parents will lead them into a right place. Secondly, parents are more experienced and they know how the life is. They have travelled and experienced a lot so that they would support their children to discover new things that children could not be able to do by themselves. Finally, it is good to pay attention to other advices from parents. Having an objective advice is always help children to be not self – important and unrespectful with their life and other people.

On the other hand, always following parents’ advice is not a good thing and it causes some advantages. By this I mean, children could be able to solve problems by themselves and they do not need to depend on their parents. It also means that when children come to the age of teenager, they may be more mature and they want to decide their own life without parents’ advice.

In conclusion, obeying parents’ advice helps children a lot to build a better future but it is not always the best way of life for young generation.

Could you please score this essay for me?
1.7 (33.33%) 3 votes

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Antonia answered 1 year ago

Your score is 6.0

You address the requirements of the task well, but you are lacking vocabulary and often make grammar mistakes. You also attempt using complex sentences, but they are often inaccurate.
You use a mix of complex and simple vocabulary, but there are repetitions and spelling mistakes in your essay. The answer would have been better if the ideas were more developed with explanations and examples.

Could you please score this essay for me?
1.7 (33.33%) 3 votes

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