Could you please look over my task

QuestionsCategory: Bar ChartCould you please look over my task
Ali Zufarov asked 2 years ago

The bar chart compares and contrasts data on the changes in average home costs in five diverse towns over a twelve-year-period from 1990 to 2002 drawing comparisons with the average accommodation prices in 1989.
Firstly, the surprising changes experienced in the first part of the figure that the shocking whopping percentage of New York, Tokyo and also London’s home prices dropped off to almost -6%; however, there were a mere grow to nearly two percent in the rate of Madrid and Frankfurt.
Secondly, it is evident from the information provided that the prices of home skyrocketed impressively in the amount of in three different luxurious cities, namely New York, Madrid, and London. During six periods, the ratio of New York and Madrid’s accommodation costs escalated by five and four percent respectively. It is interesting to note that London home prices reached an apex at almost 12% in a final year, this meant that London was calculated the highest-priced city among the others over the periods.
In general, in 1990-1995, the proportion of New York, Madrid, Tokyo, Frankfurt as well as London’s home costs was far less than that of aforementioned cities’ house prices in 1996-2002 contrasted to the average home costs, which were in 1989.

Could you please look over my task
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Ali Zufarov replied 2 years ago

sorry, I could not upload the graph…?

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