Could you please give feedback and evaluate my writing Task 2.

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Could you please give feedback and evaluate my writing Task 2.
Nguyen Minh Chau asked 2 years ago

Some people believe that living in big cities is becoming more difficult. Others believe that it is getting easier. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
            Life in the city has long been a hotly debated issue. Different person possesses his/her own ideas to consider life in city a bless or a curse. In this essay I will analyze both perspectives and give my own opinion.
            At the first analysis, life in the city comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, city provides an individual with high level of convenience. It is undeniable that the modern technology in big city gives citizens various merits in working as well as entertaining. Secondly, living in the city means getting access to great infrastructure. Skyscrapers, block offices, broad roads, to name a few, are sure to raise living standard to another level. Also, the availability plays no less an important role. Should one live in a city, he is certain to get almost any kind of goods and service immediately. Comparing to life in the countryside or isolated destinations, this is a huge advantage.
            At the second analysis, living in big city does pose dwellers certain threats. To begin with, health condition is what I put my priority in. It is widely known that with huge population, the city appears to be a dangerous place should there be an outbreak of disease. The level of stress resulted from cut-throat competitions, traffic congestion and gargantuan workload is poisonous for mental heal. Moreover, the break-down of relationships is another drawback of the city life. So fast as life goes on that one does not seem to have time to spare for nurturing love and enhance relationships with people around him/her, thus he/she may face loneliness. Lastly, life in the city is by no means ideal considering the environment. Filled with an enormous number of people and a heavy volume of traffic, the environment in the city cannot be as fresh and clean as it is in the countryside.
            From my personal perspective, I regard living in the city as difficult rather than easy. Though many advantages may be offered, the disadvantages seem to overwhelm. The demerits of living in the city directly exert negative influences on health, relationships and the living environment, which cannot be compensated at any price. The value of these three aspects is not benefited when one live in the city.
            In conclusion, life in the city has both good and minus points. As the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, I hold the belief that living in the city does more harm than good.

Could you please give feedback and evaluate my writing Task 2.
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