Could you please correct and score my essay? Thank you for your attention,

QuestionsCategory: Problem-SolutionCould you please correct and score my essay? Thank you for your attention,
Rendi Arialdi asked 1 year ago

Question: What problems does overpopulation cause? can you suggest at least one possible solution?It is undeniable that most overpopulated places could attain a serious problem from one of this environmental issue. Over-inhabitant may caused by several demographic changes which will describes in this essay, including the impacts.In the one hand, urbanization could becomes one of factor why overpopulation occurs in some places or cities. Urbanization is an event where the people transmigrate to urban area for work, study, or continuing life. If urbanization rate increased and being uncontrollable, it could results serious problems such as sanitation issues and crimes that could affect life of society. Take Jakarta, which is the capital city of Indonesia, for example. This metropolitan city is well known as a city that has a great number of population which is caused by a significant increased of in-migration rate. Jakarta therefore faces environment and social problems such as wastes from human activities that could affect environmental hygiene and also increasing of criminal cases like almost others big city literally. In the other hand, an increasing of fertility rate and followed by declining of  mortality rate could lead into the population explosion, according to economist. Consequently, Inhabitants need more spaces and foods to satisfy their lives in fact that sources are scarce. If this happened for a long-term, it may lead into a serious economic problem.Alternatively, the government must intervenes to tackles population growth by creating regulations to encourages citizens to have a small family (like regulation of China’s authority) or the other method that could reduce the number of fertility, such as socializes the importance of contraception usages to prevent pregnancy. in addition, the authority should develop rural area in order to prevent disparity that makes rural people tend to move to urban area.In conclusion, urbanization and fertility are some demographic issues that could result population explosion which is have negative impacts on environment, social and economy. Yet, some interventions by the government to creates better policies are substantial to solves the problems.

Could you please correct and score my essay? Thank you for your attention,
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