Could you please check my essay, and give me feedback ?

QuestionsCategory: Problem-SolutionCould you please check my essay, and give me feedback ?
Eduard asked 3 years ago

Some people think that teachers should be able to ask disruptive children to leave the class.
Do you think it is the best way to deal with a disruptive child in the classroom?
What other solutions are there?

It is said that teachers should be able to exclude naughty children from a classroom. This essay will discuss the best approach to a disruptive child and some other solutions which can be provided.
In my view, putting disobedient child out of the classroom is one of the most effective ways for teachers who struggle against ones who commit a breach of the peace. Obviously, that sometimes kids can be utterly naughty and this behavior provides teachers with only solution. Of course, he does it if worst comes to the worst, if any other measures don’t work. For instance, young lady teacher rebukes misbehaving pupil for the first time, and then one more time, and then again, finally she loses her temper and banishes him.
There are not many solutions to be taken, in my opinion, there are only two. The first is concluded in punishing a child without staying him out of the class, and second is to have a talk with child’s parents. If child’s demeanor is not appropriate, a teacher may raise him or her up and forbid to sit down till the end of the lesson. Also, teacher-parents conversation can be useful, if kid misbehaves for several days and any measures don’t work. In the first case a child will realize his fault and improve his behavior. The latter measure should be taken if a kid allows himself to behave in extremely rude way and any “in class measures” can’t make him change his manner.
In summary, disruptive children have to be punished by teachers but within reasonable limits. I think that good upbringing helps avoid wrong deportment, so it all depends on parents.

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