could you please assess my essay task 2

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We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. They are used in business, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes. What things will the be used for in the future? is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits?

In the light of the continuous technological advances, many devices have been introduced with the purpose of making our lives easier. However, this has made us more dependent on them than in the past. Computers are one of those devices which are now used extensively in many fields such as business, hospitals and crime detection. They are even anticipated to have additional future applications. Nevertheless, we should be cautious about this dependence and its probable adverse effects. This essay will discuss these applications and the drawbacks of being increasingly dependent on them.

Like other modern technological devices, computers are assumed to have more useful applications in the foreseeable future in many fields such as medicine. It is predicted that computers may replace humans performing surgical operations. This may be in the form of robot surgeons controlled remotely by a human. It is well known that computers have higher accuracy and less mistakes compared to humans; therefore, this strategy might be implemented in highly technique sensitive procedures such as neurosurgery. Thus, this obviously shows how computers can be of great aid to human beings in the future.

Nonetheless, these advances should be dealt with cautiously since computers might affect our lives negatively. Whatever the technological progress is, they still have no brains, and they only operate with human-designed softwares which are not perfect and full of flaws that might in turn be disastrous if they are fully depended on. For instance, when they are used for flying planes, if there was no human overseeing the whole operation, accidents would be more likely to occur. Therefore, this reveals the risks of the increased dependence on computer devices.

In conclusion, after analyzing the promising applications of computers and the threats that can result from complete reliance upon them, it can be concluded that technology proved to be indispensable but considerable care should be taken since it can dominate our lives leading to detrimental outcomes.

could you please assess my essay task 2
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