could you help me check and score my writing task 1 ?

QuestionsCategory: Mapscould you help me check and score my writing task 1 ?
sirjana tiwari asked 11 months ago

Book: Ielts practice test plus 3, Writing task 1, test 2
A method of producing leather goods

Introduction: The given diagram illustrates different stem and required material required for the production of leather good from animal skin.
Summary: overall, production of leather goods from animal skin involve five major step and different material like lime water, flattening and polishing machine, tennin reagent and vegetable nutrients.
Body: first of all, animal skin has been collected from dead animal as a raw material and then t has been transported to the factories. After that, Factory then washed animal skin first in cold lime water then again allowed to shock in hot lime water that helps to remove dust and biological germs from skin. Afterwards the skin become completely soft. Then soft skin put in to the machine to flattened. Again then flattened skin immerged into the soacking water which contain tennin reagent and vegetable nutrients. Finally, the skin completely changed into the leather after polishing. After that the fine leather material were sent to the factory to produce different consumable goods like bag, shoes hats etc.

could you help me check and score my writing task 1 ?
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