could you guys please help me score my IELTS essay ?

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jasmine asked 1 year ago

Nowadays cheap air travel is increasingly popular I the world. To what extent do you think the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

There was a time that only wealthy people can afford the flight ticket and out of reach of the majority people. However, with the development of technology and transportation, now low-cost flights are available in the most countries. I believe this is, overall, a positive phenomenon.

The most obvious advantage of cheap air travel is its affordability, which means everyone can fly without spending too much. For instance, students who study abroad could come back home visit their parents twice a year or more since they could buy the low-priced ticket by working a part time job. Furthermore, low-cost air travel also contributes to the growth of tourism because it provides more tourists with the chance to travel by air. Time is valuable, and most of them hope to arrive the destination within a short period while train or bus both could not provide this service. By taking flight, tourists could have more time and energy to enjoy the attractions that they wish to visit. Besides, the economic bonding between countries and between different individuals could be strengthened through the development of transportation and growing free trade. This means that people are able to consume a variety of commodities, materials and other kinds of stuff that their countries may not be obtainable.

Some people may claim that the popularity of air travel would cause an increasing emission of carbon dioxide, which could harm our environment. However, air travel does not cause more pollution than the other transports such as car or couch since it can carry far more passengers than others. Besides, there also have a claim that air traveller would not experience a comfortable journey if they are taking a low-cost flight. In fact, most cheap air travels provide the same seats as the seats offered to passengers on regular flights. If we are not satisfied with the current seat which offers by the flight company, we can always get an extra better seat as long as paying an additional cost.

In conclusion, it can be seen clearly that cheap air travel not only provides us with economical flights, it can also offer us greater convenience and more choices. I believe the development of a country and the lifestyle of an individual could be improved in many ways through the popularity of air travel.

could you guys please help me score my IELTS essay ?
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