Could you be so kind to read my article and score it? Thank you.

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Could you be so kind to read my article and score it? Thank you.
MuratAydin asked 1 year ago

There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of acountry more important than the International music that is heard 
everywhere nowadays?
As far as I m concerned, being adapted to be a regular music listener is a question of high education. İt is said that one’s life who doesn’t regularly enjoy with music, has been perished for waste. First of all, during the history, music has been one of the major vehicle to rejoice for people and also this strange need of human being has alwasy been suggested to adapt as a casual task by philosophers. İn my opinion, any tone of a harmonious sound, it can be emitted by a bird or a technological devices can be counted as a kind of music and this widens the creativity, provides energy for the coming day and the most important aspect it enables our perceptions to be positively perceive the moments, things and world.
 Music is a unarguable part of a culture which was created as a scream for the people’s painful destiny, even for ones which is created for entertainment have a bid sadness therefore in some conservative families, musics which is not belong to tradition ones, is impeded or at least being trying to mitigate its varieties and for those who is not in favour of international music, no doubt that traditional ones carry more important.
 Of course, as a important part of globalisation, I would suggest people to also listen international music, to create balance not to be alienated but if I reflect upon whether international music most important than traditional ones or not, I’m finding myself in favour of traditional music it is because with the help of music, one can learn its culture deeply morever can find effective stories which gives messages for its’ culture’s future.
 İn conclusion, I suggest people to listen what treats their souls and what prompts them to create because conscience may has a tradition but soul has’nt.

Could you be so kind to read my article and score it? Thank you.
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