Could you assess my task 1? Thank you!

QuestionsCould you assess my task 1? Thank you!
Rita asked 2 years ago

The bar chart compares the presence of sulphure dioxide and dinitrous oxide in 2000 in four cities all over the world: Los Angeles, Calcutta, Beijing and Mexico City.
First of all, it is noticeable that the first of the two air pollutants in analysis, sulphure dioxide, was hardly present in 2000 in Los Anglese, while the other three cities registered a higher daily amount: the minimun level in Calcutta was 47, while in Beijing and Mexico City was 25 and 80 respectively. The maximun daily amount in Mexico City is 200, twenty times more than Los Angeles, and nearly the double of Beijing and Calcutta.
Secondly, as far as dinitrous oxide is concerned, the lower data are visibile in the Chinese capital, where it fluctuates between 14 and 54. Calcutta shows similar data, while Los Angeles and Mexico City have completely different settings. The former presents average daily minimun levels of 39, while the maximum level is twice as much as those in Calcutta and Beijing. On the contrary, in the latter, the minimun amount is more than the maximum in Los Angeles, while the maximum is 207.
Overall, data in Calcutta show similar levels of these two pollutants, with stable figures, while Mexico City presents the highest daily levels of air pollution.

Could you assess my task 1? Thank you!
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