CO2 emission , please check my writing 1 and provide feedbavk thank

QuestionsCategory: Line ChartCO2 emission , please check my writing 1 and provide feedbavk thank
danielct asked 4 years ago

The line graph explains the amount of average of CO2 per person of three nations of EU (UK,Sweden,Italy and Portugal) over forty years, from 1967 to 2007.
Overall, it’s possible to see two opposite trends: the first one shows a decrease over the given time, the second one draws an increase of emissions by 50 % of analyzed nations.
The main feature of the Britain’s line is a regular reduction of air pollution per person: infact,the line started from just over 10 metric tonnes in 1967 and after four decades it was slightly above 8 metric tonnes.
Likewise, in the Swedish line it’s noticeable a general reduction of the average but with two important features : for the first ten years, Sweden has increased its emission, peaking over ten metric tonnes per person ,followed by a rapid decline in the next decade. After that, the Swedish line had moderatly a negative slope for the remaining twenty years, amounting to under the six metric tonnes in 2007.
The last two lines show the same increasing trend each other but opposite than the firsts in the observed years.
Italy shows a moderate rise with a fluctuating period between the 1977 and 1997 where its average emissions stopped slightly below the 8 metric tonnes until 2007.
Portugal’s line has a constant positive slope in the major part of years, reducing itself only in the 1997. the average in this country ,remained under the six metric tonnes to 2007.

danielct replied 4 years ago

I’d like to know which band…

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