can you please score my IELTS Writing essay

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The writing topicMany people say that company’s should give importance to their employees, others says company’s should give priority to their customers. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It’s an ongoing debate whether companies should value their employees or to their customers. There are two schools of thought for this. On one side, people believe that a happy employee can make customer happy while others believe that revenue gets generated from the customers hence they are more important. In this essay I will be presenting both the views before drawing a reasoned conclusion.

Proponents believe that efficiency of a worker is directly proportional to his job satisfaction. If an employee is well-treated, rewarded and given priority in his workplace he feels motivated and work harder to achieve success for himself and for his organization. Citing the importance of employees in the success of an organization, many multi-national companies follow the motto of “Employee first” which means that company values their employee than anything else. This motto has helped many companies to ameliorate their work culture which resulted in high efficiency of employees, higher customer satisfaction and proliferated profit.

On the contrary, opponents have a view that all the establishments have a goal to maximize their profit for which they should be more customer-oriented. They argue that revenue is generated by the client so they are the supreme power and hence must be honored and valued. Moreover, a company cannot survive without its customers. Furthermore, it is conspicuous that delighted customer is must for business to succeed.

In the light of aforementioned facts, I want to recapitulate that employees and customer both plays a significant role for running a successful business. We can not that companies and their management should maintain an equilibrium where both are valued. It should be a mix and match where in both employees and customers feel delighted.

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can you please score my IELTS Writing essay
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