Can you please look over my task 2

QuestionsCan you please look over my task 2
Ali Zufarov asked 2 years ago

In recent years, arising plenty of indispensable facilities in urban areas has progressively been getting more and more essential thereby enhancing the lifestyle in them. While, there are those individuals who reckon that constructing a plethora of substantial properties in cities, primarily innermost of the city makes a great contribution them to thrive and to be overly picturesque. However, some of whom advocate that a major part of revenue had better be expended to improve the infrastructure of schools and hospitals. As far as I am concerned that it is the best approach, the finance is spent on picking up schools and hospitals with the goal of satisfying dweller’s needs in municipal areas.
On the one hand, a good many properties, such as multi-storey, multi-service buildings as well as skyscrapers are being built in urban zones as opposed to they were erected in the past so that it plays an immense role in the progress of the cities. What is more, by expending plenty of money to construct large and impressive buildings government derives a great benefit because of tourism in terms of finance. Dubai for instance, in the last 20 years, has become a center of the world and to be extremely popular on account of tourism and constructing a plethora of ultra-contemporary buildings.
On the other hand, some individual assert that a great deal of money ought to be invested to boost the teaching places and health care center such as schools and hospitals rather than constructing large buildings in urban areas. It is because an education and health system play a leading role in thriving the cities. Firstly, schoolchildren can possess enough knowledge in well-developed schools. Secondly, the number of patients is more likely to plunge sufficiently thanks to well-serviced health care center.
To sum up, although there are large and substantial buildings in cities is more crucial for them, anyhow the money should be spent on enhancing schools and hospitals. Personally, l can firmly state that improving teaching places and health care center is one of the most approaches of the developing of urban zones

Can you please look over my task 2
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Ali Zufarov replied 2 years ago

so sorry, I forget to write a rubric
It is a rubric: Some people think that large impressive buildings are more important for a city.Others believe that the money should be spent on improving schools and hospitals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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