Can You please check my Ielts task 2 essay? Thanks!

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Can You please check my Ielts task 2 essay? Thanks!
ashish patil asked 2 years ago

News stories on TV and in newspapers are very often accompanied by picture . Some people say that these picture are more effective than words. What is your opinion ?

In todays , modern world on telivision , newspaper even in book stories are expressed by picture . It is generally true that image halps to understand the full story briefly. Some people think that showing image in newspaper is important than word. As far as I am concerned that both word and picture are really important for knowing the truth of the story.
To begin with, some people say that picture express more than word.If we see the image in book you may see bakground , atmosphere and face of the person or thing.After the seeing picture we can understand that what we are going to duscuss in upcoming passage.Another point is that these days young generations trust more on visuality , so they preper computer or internet for finding information instade of reading book.They think visuality is the best way to clear and quick understanding.For example , if we see someone who is talking , that time we may konw that he is laying or not by observing his facial expression.
On the otber hand, we can not forget that word also play a important role in expressing the truth behind story or person.For instance if we see a facial expression of murderer you never konw the real story behind this crime and personal information about him , knowing tbese points you should take a look of full investigation file about him .Another example is, i watched and see many picture about this incedence,in that lot of people lost their family and home. One person who had lost his wife with tummy.For that incedance we can not express sympthy by image so we need help from word to expessing emotions ,feelings etc.
To sum up, my opinion is that both are inportant bacause picture halps to shortly understand the story and without word we can not understand fully

Can You please check my Ielts task 2 essay? Thanks!
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