Can you please check my essay and score it if possible? Many thanks!!

QuestionsCan you please check my essay and score it if possible? Many thanks!!
Johan asked 4 years ago

International travel is extremely popular these days. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend? Include your opinion and examples from your own experience.

Travel abroad is becoming more attractive as a holiday destination. Many people choose to go overseas instead of having their breaks in their own countries. I strongly agree that the benefits of receiving foreigners outweigh the drawbacks.

On the one hand, travel to another country brings several benefits not only to visitors but also to the locals. Tourists have wonderful opportunities to learn about the culture as well as the language of the place of attraction. Italy, for instance, is an amazing place where visitors grasp Italian’s culture of being extrovert by speaking loud and showing their feelings. Visitors are also familiar with the most common phrases such as ciao, capicci, or buongiorno principessa to greet someone. In addition, the economy is positively affected by increasing the income of the country which is translated into higher employment rates of residents. Hence, international travellers bring tons of positive influences to a local place of attraction.

On the other hand, tourists may have a negative impact on common holiday destinations such as cities more expensive and crowded as well as pollution. Take the City of Cuzco, for example. Peru is considered one of the cheapest country in South America, but unlike most of the country, Cuzco is greatly more expensive because of the Macchu Picchu ruins. The prices for accommodation, food and transport at least double the rest of the county, making this unaffordable to its even own Peruvian inhabitants. Moreover, the amount of rubbish discarded by tourists are enormous, creating a considerable problem for the local council. Hence, tourists may cause a great damage to the places visited.

In conclusion, travelling abroad is being more popular every day. There are clearly fantastic benefits that locals can obtain from foreign visits. There are, however, important drawbacks in accepting visitors from around the world. Nevertheless, I believe that the advantages overweight the negative impacts as the country may improve its economy because of mainly the foreign current.

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