Asset allocation of Nicoksbank

QuestionsAsset allocation of Nicoksbank
danielct asked 3 years ago

the bar chart show information about financing on different sector provided by Nidosbank in two years.
While in the vertical axis percentage is represented, in horizontal axis there is a list of the most sector supported (environmental project, small business, education, other).
The first noticeable aspect that can be seen is the highest percentage on projects focused on the environment. Indeed, they account for 47 percent and 50 percent respectively in 2008 and 2009.
Despite this increasing, a different trend is shown by bars of small business and education. While sector of businesses counted just over 20 percent, in the following year it was reduced to 19%. The same pattern appears in education’s bar, with a reduction being larger than the previous.
In the end, various types of projects that have not been specified in the graph and collected in “Others” have received a major quantitative of financing than the year before.
Overall, the graph explain how Nidosbank have re-balanced the loans among the projects supported from 2008 to 2009

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