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adamali asked 3 years ago

The given bar graph demonstrates the change in population numbers in Japan over a period of two hundred and five years. While the table illustrates the percentage of senior adults compared to total population. Overall, it is evident that there was a rising trend till 2005 and then a downward trend. It can be seen also that the proportion of people over 65 years will experience continuous increase. Looking at details, the number of the population started from 84.1 million at 1950, after that there was a rapid progression until reaching its peak at 121 million at 1985. Then, the graph showed a steady move to achieve 127.8 million at 2005. Afterwards, these figures dropped down and expected to continue decreasing to be 89.9 million at 2055 which is very close to the start figure. Coming to percentages of elder people, it is clear that, it started by a percentage of 4.9 percent at 1950. Then this proportion raised to reach 20 percent at 2005, and continue to rise to be doubled at 2055.

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