Advertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday lives. Is it positive or a negative development?

QuestionsAdvertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday lives. Is it positive or a negative development?
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dhanyapeter answered 3 years ago

Advertisements are getting more popularity due to the availability of flyers, placards, and infomercials from streets to shops. Even though people rely on advertisements for purchasing products, there are occasions that people may feel cheated. Here in this essay, I am going to analyze the positive and negative effects of advertisements and strongly agree that it will bring detrimental effects to the society unless products are wisely purchased.
                        Admittedly, there are several factors which make advertisements much more prevalent these days. Firstly, it is highly advantageous for the people, who are willing to purchase newly- launched products. For instance, infomercials, placards and flyers often help the public to know more about the product’s usage, warranty, brand and so on. Secondly, it would definitely increase the purchasing power of the customers.Precisely,advertisements lure people and encourage them to buy products as advertisements captures people’s mind and thoughts.This would help them to boost the economy of a country as tax and improve the monthly investment of the shop-owners.
                          However, advertisements may adversely affect the society in diverse ways. One of the major concerns is companies might have overrated their products for easy distribution and this may lead people to buy the less quality products at higher rates. Advertisements of bath soaps exemplify the various advertising techniques to allure people across the world by introducing renowned artists and models though most of the bath soaps made of the same contents. Therefore, it is the need of the day to purchase products wisely rather than feeling deceived by believing whatever they have shown in commercial advertisements.
                             In conclusion, it would be much better for the society to purchase products wisely as per their needs rather than squandering money on advertised products . Therefore, it is possible for the public to reap the benefits in spite of getting misinterpreted by corporate companies and their advertisements.

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