A lot of people have become dependent on technology as it plays a big role in our daily lives.

QuestionsCategory: Advantage/DisadvantageA lot of people have become dependent on technology as it plays a big role in our daily lives.
Antonia asked 8 months ago

A lot of people have become dependent on technology as it plays a big role in our daily lives. Do you agree that living in computer age has more advantages than disadvantages?

Describe the positive and negative impacts of technology on our lives and give your opinion.

Nowadays, almost everything has a computerchip implemented, no matter if it is the wrist watch or the refrigerator. Thus, people not only get used to computers but also somewhat dependent in them. There are people, who think that the positive aspects outweigh the drawbacks of modern day technology, I agree with this opinion and will further illustrate and discuss both sides of the argument.

First and foremost, with todays’ technology, is is difficult to escape from work. The improved communication allows employers and colleagues to reach a person anytime, anywhere. For instance, if someone is out for dinner with his or her wife, the person might still get emails from work on the phone. Some even go this far and answer these messages rightaway. Furthermore, since information is always available, thinking by yourself has considerably decreased. Looking something up, such as a synonym for a word while writing an essay, is easier and faster than to think about it yourself.

However, on the other hand, such an easy access to information improves everyday life significantly. It is possible to look up the weather and thus plan for a week or more in advance. Also, one does not have to wait for the news to start, everything is on the internet just one mouseclick away. Moreover, students profit from the wast amount of information accessible and save a lot of time, they otherwise would spend at the library.

Another positive aspect is the improved possibility of communication. While, in earlier days you could only talk on the phone, today you can write messages, send images or even see each other at the blink of an eye using services such as Skype. In the days of globalisation and people living all around the globe, this is an especially useful feature. People are not only able to talk with their loved ones but also share memories in an instance.

Overall, while there are some drawbacks, such as no escape from work and people thinking less by themselves, the advantages of modern technology outweigh those by far. Personally, I would rather live nowadays and be able to reach my family and friends at all times and access any information I need for my studies than not having computers at all.

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