IELTS Writing Actual Test in 2017 & Sample Band 9 – Topic: Travel

IELTS Writing Test

International travel has many advantages to both the travellers and the country visited. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?


It is true that citizens around the world tend to show fancy for travelling overseas. From my perspective, journeys to foreign nations bring more benefits than drawbacks.

Admittedly, several problems could arise along with international tours. Firstly, visitors from overseas may be required to pay considerably higher prices for their accommodation or other holiday services because numerous native citizens take the chance to make a huge profit from foreign individuals. Secondly, in fact, several international tourists bring infectious diseases, especially Ebola or MERS to tourist attractions, posing a threat to the local community health. Finally, there is every likelihood of holiday destinations being put under environmental threats as a consequence of a massive influx of foreign tourists to these venues with low awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

However, international visits have more positive impacts on tourists as well as host countries. With regard to travelers, thanks to setting foot in a strange nation, they would have an opportunity to become more broad-minded when getting to know about different customs, lifestyles and rituals. Additionally, enjoying the breath- taking views of destination countries and their diverse delicacies may assist visitors to escape from the hustle and bustle of their busy life to have unforgettable memories and recharge their own batteries. In terms of local countries, an increase in the number of travelers from abroad to their localities could generate a variety of job opportunities related to tour guide or accommodation services for local residents and help reduce unemployment rate, followed by an improvement in economic prosperity. Equally importantly, international tourism is attributed to the enhancement of cultural communication and mutual understanding between nations.

To summarize, despite several mentioned-above shortcomings, I personally believe that international tourism denotes a positive trend for both individuals and society.

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